Friday, July 28

sheridan in color

Pics from my recent journey to Sheridan. (See "Sheridan, Wyo Rodeo")

An old (and apparently in danger) barn I found on the west edge of town. There's a great deal of tension in the photo on the right.

After the parade, the Indians (Native Americans? After this trip I can't tell which is more PC) meet for song and dance. I must admit I was disappointed to see that the chief is white.

There isn't a roadtrip view I love more than a big green field or a big stormy sky in the late afternoon like these near Storey (left) and Sheridan (right).

Hard to imagine this lazy-lookin' bull springing a bareback rider into left field just a few hours in the future.

I'm obsessed with old signage. And I quickly became fascinated with the colors on this building.

Some texture on the facade of the Sheridan Commercial Co. building. An out-of-place lion greets visitors to the city park.

There's sort of a Western Hopper-ish feel to these shots that I love. The colors of the boarded windows are interesting, too.


LaceyJ. said...

Love the pictures!!! (I especially enjoy the retro-neon signs.) The old buildings with the bold colors- love it. ( I can see Jeff wanting to get his easel up there to paint it.) Thanks for sharing...!

Lane said...

I love the pic of the barn, but the caption really makes it. Major tension! I can practically see the barn shaking in its...barn boots