Monday, September 25

longing to stray

Recognize these? Of course you do. I wear them all the time. They've been my go-to gals for nearly a year and a half. I picked these up on a whim at the Kenneth Cole outlet store in Austin, but soon found that they were just the shoe I was in need of: great with jeans, shorts, slacks, pencil skirts ... you name it. After being offered a new job (albeit a low-paying one) I talked Curtis into letting me buy some new kicks. He agreed, but only on the condition that the new pair adequately fill the same niche these do--something flat, slightly pointy, and preferably suede leather in a fun color.

So, on Saturday we headed to the mall and visited every shoe store and shoe department: Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's, JMR, Lolabella, Aldo, Bakers, Journeys ... what am I forgetting? It seems as though once you finally get to buy something new, there's nothing to be bought. Maybe it's the pressure. Either way, my "glass slipper" hasn't emerged. If anyone has any leads for me--something in the $40 to $70 range, let me know? Let's face it, you'd all be doing yourselves a favor.

Together, we can say sayonara to these vagabonds! And this time, for good.


sarah marie said...

i love this shot and sorry but i'll always love the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Lane has lots of pictures of her feet as well. Why do Anderson girls like to take pictures of their feet? I like the pictures, I just can't figure out why.

Ali, you have my favorite blog.

ali said...

Thanks, anonymous (aka Briddon). I thought this picture was of my shoes, not my feet. Although I do think my feet are pretty spectacular, as far as feet go.