Thursday, November 30

collect moments one by one

I know it's old news, but ever since I laid ears on Mushaboom, I couldn't get over it. I love this song ... maybe the most.

Ever felt like a song said everything you ever wanted to say when you're at your happiest, or like a song was written about or for you in particular, or heard a tune that you would crawl in and live inside of, if you could?

This is how I feel about Feist's little pretty--it's at-once entirely playful but also dreamy and sentimental, in a countryside-meets-city sort of way. To me, it's a story of newlywed life that makes financial strain and no-backyard living seem not only bearable, but attractive. The lyrics are welcoming, not to mention familiar, and that old-fashioned-sounding piano instrument layered with her beautiful voice puts it over the edge.

I love it so much, even on paper (screen) that I've decided to post the lyrics in case you didn't already know them by heart. I love that phrase, too: "know by heart." Also the title of a good album by American Analog Set.

feist: mushaboom

helping the kids out of their coats, oh, wait, the babies haven't been born + unpacking the bags and setting up and planting lilacs and buttercups + but in the meantime we've got it hard, second-floor living without a yard + it may be years until the day my dreams will match up with my pay

old dirt road, knee-deep snow + watching the fire as we grow

i've got a man to stick it out and make a home from a rented house + and we'll collect the moments one by one, I guess that's how the future's done + but how many acres, how much light is tucked in the woods and out of sight? + talk to the neighbors and tip my cap on a little road barely on the map

old dirt road, knee-deep snow + watching the fire as we grow + old dirt road, rambling rose + watching the fire as we grow + well-earned soul


marta said...

i love this, ali! you are true, this is what wedded bliss is all about. these are the days! thanks for the introduction. i love when songs, no matter how many times you play them on repeat, still put a girlish grin upon your/my face.

ali said...
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Kim said...

Ali ever since you put this song on one of your mixes Zack and I have also been obsessed with it. I think we've probably listened to it one million times and it's still never gets old. We just keep repeating it and singing along. So thanks for introducing us to such a great song!
p.s. did you make that snow angel? I hope you did!!

jamieanne said...

You found me. In the infamous words of Ally McBeal...yooo stinkah!!!
But enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?
No seriously, I love how you relentlessly try to refine my musical taste with your new discoveries. Even though I don't always latch on to all of them, I find myself bringing along a few stragglers. Maybe that's part of why I like them, because they remind me of you.

ali said...
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ali said...

Did you see Mariah on my December playlist? That's one hundred percent Jamie Anne-influenced. Best memories of us singing at the tops of our lungs, chair dancing to the best of our confined abilities in the 4Runner. Now THOSE were the days. Dec. 19, we're bringin' it back.