Sunday, November 12

please, be kind

I've noticed as of late that a few friends have made direct links to my blog from theirs. The first sighting of my linked name caused immediate panic and a resulting upset stomach: "Oh no, I've gone public."

One word describes my initial feeling on the matter: Yikes. It's flattering and fun, though isn't it just a bit terrifying? I mean, someone I don't even know, or someone who doesn't like me, or someone who broke my heart or someone who fired me could be reading this entry right now, as we speak ... err, I mean, as I write, or really, as you read.

Blogging. It's scary and addictive and sort of makes you sound totally self-obsessed. But what Gen X/Yer isn't a little? I successfully avoided MySpace like the plague; I'm not out to get a friends list with numbers in the zillions, hook up with indie musicians or become the latest eye candy a web predator. Rather, I just wanted to stay in touch--sound off a little, here and there.

I'm finally getting over the "publicity scare," thanks to those same friends. Duh, Ali, this is what a blog is about. Welcome to 2006. You've got to admit, though, that looking at someone's blog is a little like peeping in their windows or finding their journal--without having to ever risk being caught. And it's perfectly cool for me to do that to someone else, but for my privacy to be in violation? That's another story.

For someone who's used to the occasional byline, I'm still incredibly self conscious. I'm hard on myself. So if you're here as a visitor, please be kind. Take it all with a grain of salt ... or at least with a smile. And leave a comment, if you will. I like to know you're there.


marta said...

sensitive souls rule. ali, i completely agree. blogs are the new squeaky clean peep show. it's a bit freaky, yet nowhere near that horrid myspace. that site lacks all charm and substance. there is really no comparison.

your little space is so packed with delights.. there is no harm in letting it all out.

Brad K. said...

I feel partly responsible for this post. But I'm glad to hear that you are warming up to the idea of being linked to.

Blogs are very personal but we do write them with an audience in mind. If we didn't we'd just type in our word processors everynight like this kid.

Lorilee said...

Hi Ali.. I understand and agree too. Especially when I put photos up of the little ones in my family---I like knowing who's looking and I like keeping it to family and friends. Stranger=Danger!

Dede said...

Oops! I too feel responsible for this post...will you forgive me?!

ali said...

No forgiving necessary due to the fact that no harm has been done. Everything is safe and happy and fun in the blogosphere! I'm sorry if I stirred anything up ... I guess blogging is my way of coping--and it's good for me.