Saturday, December 30

greener grass

I'm crazy about this so blue/green roadside image from a favorite artist who "uses lack of training as [her] guide." I like the idea--that formal training can form boundaries, while raw inhibition can become the perfect "skill" in finding/exposing undiscovered beauty.

I believe in her philosophy, not only because it gives an unseasoned wannabe photographer like me some needed confidence, but also because I've seen so many friends prove their writing prowess sans English or Journalism degrees. There's something to be said for simple, amateurish passion and the ability to capture the tone and wit of the everyday person.

I also like that she, like me, takes images from the road. Collecting speeding-by car-trip images has become one of my favorite pastimes, and I often find myself wanting to go on a drive ... anywhere ... just so I can create colorful frames. I'm especially nuts about farms and sprinklers-on-wheels, as many of you know.

In 2007, I hope to shoot many a green field, and maybe even some white ones. Now if I could just find some fog in Utah ... I don't think inversion counts.

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