Tuesday, January 23

shop by size

Anyone who knows me knows I love shoes the most. In the early 2000s I became obsessed with retro- and Euro-style sneakers, then it was on to pointies (Jamie tracked down the cutest Stuart Weitzman boots for me). A couple of years ago it was old lady pumps. Now it's flats, flats, and more flats ... and maybe a wedge, platform, and a pair or two of slouchy boots.

Thusly, shopping for shoes at places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie is totally pointless, as they never-hardly-ever carry anything smaller than a six ... and did I mention that I wear an unheard-of size 5? Just before Christmas, I left the mall in tears when not ONE pair of boots I tried on came smaller than a size 6 or 36. I had already searched the Internet high and freakin' low. Only someone with an equally small foot understands how incredibly frustrating this is.

As you can see, I'm in quite the predicament: the things I want most are the ones I literally can't have. While it leaves my bank account a little fuller, my closet (not to mention my heart) is being emptied.

I'm always told to look in the children's department, that I'm "lucky" because I can save money there. But, get serious, though I own one pair of children's boots that I really like, the designs are generally lacking. And it shouldn't be hard to see that someone whose foot slides easily into a five might have a complex about being small and/or looking young.

I had just about had it. Until I started employing "shop by size." The spring collection at Urban got me excited about summer shoes, but, this time around, I got smart. Forget Urban. If you have petite feet, head on over to teen hangout Alloy where the the prices and sizes are halved (well, almost).

There wasn't much for a size 5, but for a 5 1/2, the selection got pretty good:


laceyJ. said...

Cute! I would love to see you workin' the far right pair... If it were me, I'd probably break both ankles.

Kim said...

Ali you have an amazing collection of shoes! But great find, they had some really cute things and low prices are always welcome!

jamieanne said...

I truly appreciate Alloy, just as I appreciate all cheap & trashy clothing.
Their sister site, Delia's has equally awesome clothing and deals.

ali said...

Yes, but Delia's doesn't carry anything smaller than a six. :)

Lorilee said...

small feet = small hands = small butt = small waist = cute. Shoes or no shoes... you are still the cutest little thing I've ever seen---who cares what you are wearing on your feet! (That goes for you too Jamie)

ali said...

Thanks, Lori. Though the waist could use a little attention right now. It is definitely not too small.

Someone PLEASE make me go to the gym.

jamieanne said...

Hey...I'm not as small as Ali. If I'm the nano, then Ali is the shuffle. I can fit into a size 6. Not bad, eh?