Tuesday, January 30

wright on the market

Well, looky what I found thanks to a lead in Utah Style and Design. I have conducted some serious web searches in the past in hopes of seeing more of and learning more about Frank Lloyd Wright's Stromquist House in Bountiful, but to no avail. But the little gem goes on the market, and now we can feast our eyes.

If you have $3,800,000, you can feast on a lot more than that. I'm surprised the Stromquist House isn't listed for more. Houses in Federal Heights with much lesser architects (but with much more square footage) sell for $5,000,000 from time to time. Interesting, eh?

Check it out here. There's even an address!


James and Dede said...

From our tour of Taliesen West we found out that most of Mr. Wright's houses are requiring massive amounts of restoration and structural work. Maybe that is why it is less expensive than some of the federal heights homes.

Kim said...

Still, it's definitely a gem. Where can we come up with 3.8 million?

jamieanne said...

Wow. It's pretty sweet. I'd be willing to pay a few mil for it (if I had actually had it), and I can't believe it's that cheap. That seems underpriced to me. Someone should snatch it up quick quick quick.