Tuesday, February 13

darling darlybird

Emily sent me a link to Darlybird months and months ago. Since then, I've grown to love the site for its affordable selection of sweet little accessories like rings, bobbies and earrings.

These are some that I wish I had ordered earlier in time for St. Valentine's Day. They'd be a cute little thought for coworkers and friends.


From left to right:
Vintage Ethel Ring, $14
Vintage Cheryl Bobby, $4
Vintage LaFaye Earrings, $12


Lorilee said...

Those are great. And I can't believe how cheap they are.

laceyJ. said...

Cute, cute, and cute!

liz s said...

I have a ring from darlybird ring with that cheryl bobby pattern. it's so pretty. ps do you still feel safe in utah?

Dede said...

oohh...i like it.

Kim said...

I look at this site almost everyday. I love all the pretty things and they are so cheap I always wonder why I can't just buy them! I need to just do it!! I already have a cart full of things I want!