Monday, February 12

exotic needlework

I love the chic-yet-needleworkish look of this Bargello Pillow. It's totally grandma-meets-peacock, with a certain art deco, highly stylized pattern. I'm not huge on matching, but I can't think of a good fit for it in my house. :(

The pillow cover is only $9.99 on sale at West Elm. Pillows are available too.

{Update: Uh-oh. Looks like the Bargello Pillow sold out. Now it's just eye candy; eye candy that's making my blog pretty today.}


Lorilee said...

peacock--meets 70's--meets Grandma...more like. pretty. I do like.

jamieanne said...

Whaaat? I was furniture shopping this weekend, and I saw this pillow, and I loved it. I wanted it for my house, but have no place for it. So I was thinking of peoples houses that it would look good in, and who would also like it. Long story short: I thought of you.

Jessica Mary said...

Hi. I know you don't know me, but I had to tell you how much I love your blog. I'm a friend of Andrew's, and that's how I found you.
So, thanks for having such a cool page. I'm actually living in New York and I went and found the Robin Rice Gallery and it's precious. It was closed, but I'm planning to go back.
Thanks for the great tips!

ali said...

Happy to have you, Jessica. That's the great thing about blogs: You get to make friends you might never know who live thousands of miles away. Although if you're friends with Andrew, maybe we will get to meet sometime! He's a winner.

You'll have to let me know how the gallery is in person. I'm jealous!

shelby said...

Ali, I think I would hire you if I could. You have so many things on your blog that I need in my house or my wardrobe but could never come up with myself. You would be my interior decorator and personal stylist if I could afford you. Thanks for all the treasures!

ali said...

Shelby: I think if you hired me you would be sorely disappointed! Though I do love to shop, and I'd be happy to go with you anytime. Even (actually, especially)in Wyomin'!