Wednesday, February 14

I love my weather channel desktop

My computer isn't cool enough to have any widget capability. That's why I love this little free download. I can always see what the temperature is--which means I know exactly how cold it will be when I'm thinking about making a quick trip to the grocery store at midnight--and if a storm's a-brewin', it makes a thunder noise. That's right, a thunder noise. I love it.

Does your widget do that? (Yeah, it probably does.)

Thanks, Jamie, for the wonderful idea. I'll never forget the first time I heard the deep, stormy rumble from your laptop, which just so happens to perfectly match mine.


jamieanne said...

Not only also tells you what types of clothing you should wear. This thing has saved me many a time. I love it.

Anonymous said...

And...not only that but it also tells about lifestyle and exercise and calculates estimated calories and the thunders when it is supposed to storm!! i love it:)
Yes, Thanks to Mrs. Grant Calder!!! I love it too:) It is so so handy.
Jenny J