Monday, February 12

just wishin'

Like Lori, I love the new style guide for Anthropologie's "Print" catalog. It's so pretty and cool, but did we expect anything less? Of course not. I love the photo on page 46. Where'd that gorgeous model go? Just kidding. I seriously do love that photo, all jokes aside. So clever and visually appealing.

I can't figure out why, but Curtis doesn't agree that we should consider moving to Philadelphia so I can apply for this job. Go figure. It's not like a bought a boatload of clothes when I worked there. Oooooh wait.


Kim said...

I love the new catalog as well, so many pretty things to look at as usual.

Lorilee said...

I wonder if they made the skirt to look like the wall, or the wall to look like the skirt. There's a model in the photo? he he he

tiffany said...

I love, love, love their catalogs, right down to the paper they print them on. My favorite shots here are the library scenes and the tulips. Mmmm!