Wednesday, February 21


Hats off to Domino for an amazingly comprehensive and easy-to-follow collection/guide of how to be eco-conscious and chic. (Eco-chic?) From paints to light bulbs and flooring to furniture and everything in between, this is one of my most prized issues. Now we have no excuse. I already knew a little, now I know a whole lot more ... it's all at my fingertips.

Thanks Domino team! It was as fun as thumbing through Dwell homes.


Kim said...

I agree! I flipped through it forever last night and had to show Zack every page because we've been talking about this a lot lately. Loved it.

Auntie Ann said...

Sorry, I was peeking around on some of Sarahs links and I came upon this. I love this post, Im totaly redoing a home and my husband and I have tried to be as eco friendly as possible, bamboo floors and tons of other things. So, I was very proud of you for this post!...just thought I would let you know.

ali said...

Thanks Auntie Ann! I've spied out your blog before, too, and I think I've seen that house you're fixing up. If I showed it to my husband, he would be incredibly jealous.

I can't wait to see the finished product. (I'm sure you can't either.) And I want to hear all about which eco-friendly materials you used and how. OK? You're an inspiration.