Wednesday, February 21

le ballon rouge

My fascination with "The Red Balloon" (see this post), Patricia McDonough's stirring photography (all above photos are hers) and this sketchbook at Ruby Republic have pretty much determined what the subject of my spring photos will be. I am officially inspired.

Does anyone know where in the world you get one of these big, round balloons? I've been searching online but haven't found anything. Zurchers doesn't have them.


jordan said...

Why yes. The results of the big round balloon contest last summer produced Tuftex. They are $17 a bag. I ordered a bag of red and yellow for a photoshoot next month. {I have extra if you want some} :)

Chelsea said...

I also adore that movie. I just used it as part of a theme for a party. I love these photos!

ali said...

Jordan, you are awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only one who spent hours typing things like "bed red balloon" and "ball-shaped balloon" and "extra large round balloon" into Google.

Tuftex it is. And if you really have some to share, I'll send you some dollars. Wish I could be at that photo shoot with you. Sounds fun!