Wednesday, February 28

photos by allison

My dear friend Allison also happens to be one of my favorite photographers. In college, I sometimes got to be her model and I loved seeing how she could make my red-shoed feet end up looking like artwork. The above photo is one of her latest; it's at-once casual and ethereal, probably just how the couple wanted it.

As you can see, she shoots weddings these days. You can see more of her work at, a website designed by her also-creative husband.

Here are a couple other favorites, old and new:


Brad K. said...

Allison takes amazing pictures of cats. Her work is featured as my wallpaper on my computer at work.

jamieanne said...

Hey. I remember seeing a few of those red toed shoes. These photos are lovely indeed.

allison said...

Thanks for the compliments Ali!

Brad, I'm proud that you have moo moo on your desktop, I'm sure he's honored. ha!

Kim said...

Allison you are my favorite photographer!

Lorilee said...

Although I'm new to Alison's photography... I really really like what I've seen.
I hoping she'll get some creative shots of our spooky neighbor.

laceyJ. said...

Allison... What good work! Keep it up.