Thursday, February 8

pretty shadows

With my overhead track lighting pointed just so, I love the shadows these spider mums cast on my wall. I pick up these blossoms every time I go to Harmons. A batch of three flowers is only something like $2.99, and sometimes they last for more than a week.

Too bad they're called spider mums. I abhor spiders. Just not spider mums.

What I'm listening to: Lacey's "Best of 2006" mix featuring The Decemberists, El Perro Del Mar, Regina Spektor, Devotchka, Band of Horses, Cat Power, The Flaming Lips, Camera Obscura and more. I'm lovin' it.

Shadow dancing and good music make for a pleasant just-before-bed moment.


tiff said...

Great idea to pick up a simple bouquet at the grocery store. I love fresh flowers!

Great paint color, by the way.

Kim said...

I wish I was having that before bed moment right now. I need to go back to bed. I love those flowers too. It seems like they last forever.

jamieanne said...

I didn't know you were still rockin' the mums...way to keep it real...literally.

lane said...

How come you don't give us Lacey's playlist? Don't keep the good tunes to yo'self.

ali said...

Hmmm, Lane. I love the idea. However, I am not technologically savvy enough to figure out how to do such a thing on my blog.

I know you can make an iMix on iTunes, where people can go and download the songs one by one (for the reg. $1 each).

Perhaps I shall look into it in the future. But for now, it's Lacey's mix, and I wouldn't want to steal her thunder. It's a great compilation!

jordan said...

You can upload everything to YouSend and then everyone has a week to download it. It is free the only problem is now yousendit makes everyone register who wants to download. (they didn't used to)

There are other programs like that too. I just haven't researched any others.

(I was going to give my blog readers a mix for Christmas but I didn't have time to look for another file delivery program.)

And of course I should mention there are copywrite issues. :)

jordan said...


ali said...

Oh, goodie. Thanks for tips Jordan! I'm glad somebody has this stuff figured out.

laceyJ. said...

Hi ali... Glad you found some time to listen to my mix. (I actually was just listening to yours, too.)

Anyhow, after reading this post and the comments, it was just the motivation I needed to write about a favorite website I found... It's (Again, I wrote about it on my blog.) It's a lot like Pandora, but you can also add playlists to share.

It's fairly limited in music (no Camera Obscura or Devotchka, to name a few) but, it's fun and definitely worth checking out!