Friday, February 9

quotes of the (yester)day

Seth: ....I get that you wanted me to find something to be passionate about like you're passionate about the environment.

Summer: But you love movies.

Seth: I do, I love going to them and telling people what's wrong with them.


Summer: What is it?

Seth: I could be a critic.

Summer: You mean spending your whole life watching movies and telling people how terrible they are?

Seth: Yeah, that sounds AWEsome.

(And wasn't Summer's dress cute, despite that dry hair? I'm gonna miss you, OC.)


jamieanne said...

Rats! I hate it when you post about The OC before I do. I was just thinking of posting about Summers dress. I was strangely kind of wishing for it like 2 days ago, but wondering if someone as small as I could pull it off without looking like a cream puff. Then I saw it on Summer, and she is pretty dang close to my size (seriously, she is), so I felt better about myself.
Anyhoo, so I was just gonna tell that whole story on my own blog, but now I did it on yours. Whew.

ali said...

Great minds think alike!

Summer (Rachel Bilson) must be tiny. Did you notice how far she had to jump to get off the counter she was sitting on? That made it clear that she is quite petite.