Friday, February 23

strawberry patch

I couldn't help but notice all the strawberry stuff at Urban. Nice and sweet for spring.

Left to right:
Strawberry Lip Balm, $6
Leather Strawberry Flip Flops, $34
Strawberry Pendant Necklace, $24
Garden Shapes Enamel Post in "Strawberries", $14

There's a Soundgirl Smocked Strawberry Dress, too, at $52.


liz s said...

i have those sandles from urban! except the leather is just white, not a strawberry. they are super cute though

tiffany said...

There is an exact replica of the pendant at Target for $12.99 and I want it with all of my strawberry heart.

Lorilee said...

I love the Strawberry Lip Balm.... it tastes like a dessert on your lip.
Oh, I'll also take one pair of the strawberry earrings please!

Chelsea said...

I love a lot of the 80's trends that are being reinterpreted. Plus it always holds a little nostalgia for me. Back in like 1983 my sister and I had matching Easter dresses with strawberries printed all over them:)