Tuesday, March 6

etsy gal

I just finished a little write-up on Etsy so I feel like I know it inside and out right now. I'm ready to set up shop, only problem is I don't have any product. If only Etsy were around a few years ago when I crocheted something like 40 hats in the two weeks before Christmas. :(

I might be a little behind on this, but you can create your own Etsy profile and keep a collection of your favorite sellers and their items. You can see some of the stuff I found and "favorited" here. Once you've built your own, let me know and we can play "connections."

(From left to right, above photos are from Maditi, ShoshonaSnow and JenniferMorrisBeads.)


tiff said...

I can't believe those earrings! I'm in love.

Lorilee said...

I really like those millymollymandy prints.. and the prices aren't too bad. I'll have to go take another look.