Thursday, March 22

making me happy this week

1. Carrying an oversized orange balloon with me all afternoon on Wednesday. If everyone had to carry a balloon around with them--especially one with an equal diameter--I believe the world would be a happier, funnier place.

2. This photo by Marta.

3. This quote by e.e. cummings: "the world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful."

4. This umbrella in the "circle chain" pattern (not pictured).

5. Lacey's post on forgiveness. I need(ed) it.

6. Making/listening to my "forgotten favorites" mix for mix club: a compilation that sent me back to 1999-2003 and included voices and tunes I haven't heard forever from the Promise Ring, the Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, the Sea and Cake, Pinback and Lauryn Hill.

7. Post-it-a-day series by Bird in the Hand.

8. Being reminded of Lori's love for these funny creations.

9. Thinking about my Grandpa Bud, and how he likes the way I tear Saran Wrap.

10. Blueprint's new editor, Sarah Humphreys. She seems real. Her little NY apartment isn't bad, either.

11. "Love Today" by Mika

12. {Added later} This post by Jamie Anne. It totally made my day.


Dede said...

Reading this post really made me smile...thanks Ali! I also love that picture of you with you orange ballon.

laceyJ. said...

You're so cute, Ali.

Your mix also sent me back- loved it!

Glad you also enjoyed those quotes-something to always remember, but is easy to forget.

jamieanne said...

Oh geez...where do I even begin? Few things:
1. Love your balloon idea. And your cute outfit.
2. e.e. cummings is far and away one of my favorites. Just has a gifted way with words that most of us only dream about.
3. I too, read the article about Sarah Humphreys NY apartment. Man, her place is tiny. Makes my place feel like a palace. Woohoo!
4. I SO love Mika. That song is constantly running thru my head, and I'm bopping to the beat the whole time.
5. I made your day?!? Dayum, I'm good!xoxo.

Chelsea said...

I love all this. Especially the ee cummings quote. I will have to remember that when the rain comes back to Portland.

jamieanne said...

5. Bud! How could I forget Bud? I've been missing them lately. Hoping they're in town the next time I'm thru...which I think is gonna be ALOT this year!

jamieanne said...

I mean for that to be #6. Bud is 6. Ok, I'm done.

ali said...

No, keep going. I love it.

Um, it better be ALOT. I miss you.

Shelby said...

Allie, that is my Allie, loves balloons and I think that one would thrill her!

angie said...

ali! i've checked your cute blog - but not enough - after you left me a note today I visited and realized I've really been missing out! balloons, limonata, and sweet shoes - it feels like home to me.

Lorilee said...

I want to see how you tear Saran Wrap.
I also love the photo.