Friday, March 30

making me happy this week

1. Jamie's use of the word "huffalump."

2. Free downloads from Aqueduct.

3. Curtis doesn't have to work this weekend. Woo-hoo!

4. Seeing a red, summer-ish sunset in front of me and the moon hanging above the snow-capped mountains in my rearview on the drive home last night.

5. Easter candies: the pink cotton-candy flavored ones in this bag, in particular.

6. News that Max will be doing this on the way to my house, or at least my mom's, in t minus 11 days.

7. A beautiful memory spurred by Chelsea's post: a night at the ballet on a rainy summer night in London. A ballerina walking off stage and through the audience, putting on her trench coat, leaving the theatre and walking up the street with an umbrella over her head and pointe shoes on her feet. Watching her trail up the street and out of view on a big screen that backed the stage where she had just been doing pirouettes.

8. The potential to make my own magazine.

9. "Twillo" shoes in any color but black.

10. Dinner at 10 p.m. at The Pie with my friends. Just like the old days.

11. Bought a plane ticket to visit Grandma and Grandpa next month. Will be purchasing a recorder so I can save their personal histories in their own voices. Like how Grandpa lived in a tent on a mining camp during the Depression and how they used to go rollerskating each and every Friday night.

12. {Added later} Lacey's posting of this video. I could watch it over and over, and did. I want my photo taken by George Lange. And I want to take photos like him.


Dede said...

#11 made me happy. It reminds me of my grandparents. That recording will be such a treasure!!

Chelsea said...

I love your lists!

Kim said...

All of those made me happy especially that Curtis doesn't have to work this weekend! Fun for you guys!

I'm Andrea said...

Love this list. I love everything on it. Especially #11. I wish wish wish I had done that before it was to late! You will cherish that forever.

jamieanne said...

Haha. #1 is funny cuz I didn't even realize it was strange there on my blog until you pointed it out. It's all just stream of consciousness. #5 made me jealous, cuz those cotton candy life savers are my ALL TIME favorite. I want one. Now. #11 made me cry. I get emotional when it comes to my Granparents. This is such a wise idea and I have been meaning to tell you that you should do it. You would be best at it, after all.

becky said...

I love the list! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to hear how #11 goes. Amazing.

Lorilee said...

Your list is on my list of things that made me happy this week.

By the way, I'm sucking on a cotton candy life saver as I am typing this. I love them too!

marta said...

you are my lifesaver. i have a fetish for cotton candy and thanks to the A fam i discovered those li'l babies. must go out to buy enough to last all year.

happy weekend, ali.

celeste said...

Wow, love that ballerina in London image. I love going to the ballet as well. I usually have season tickets to Ballet West but they do way too many classical, traditional ballets for my taste. I love the contemporary ballets the best (burn the tutus!). Have a great weekend with your hubby!