Wednesday, March 14

kate, selma, katie and ali

Fun idea from Angie via Ashley.

I had to look high and low for a picture of me that's straight-on. (Thanks, Brad. I pulled it from your Flickr account.) This one's nearly three years old, but I thought it would do the job; my general bone structure remains the same though the hair color changes. :) Guess I don't take photos of myself often enough. Selma Blair was my favorite likeness, Kate Bosworth my biggest surprise.

Do your own here.


Lorilee said...

I want to do it!
What a compliment to you, all those celebrities are so pretty. You should try it with a really bad photo, and see if it brings up Rosanne Barr or Anna Nicole Smith, or sometime.

Lorilee said...

something (I mean)

liz s said...

awesome. can't wait to do this at home tonight! but if it doesn't tell me i'm two parts gweneth, one part cameron diaz and one part angelina i won't believe it.

jamieanne said...

You dirty little birdy! You stole my blog idea for today! Good one. Haha.

ali said...

Ah, shucks. I was home alone for way too long last night. Don't worry, I tried to do one for Famous when I couldn't find a picture of myself but she came back with "no matches."