Tuesday, March 20

tiered tops

Lucky featured tiered ruffle tops in its "Lucky How-To" section under the friendly subhead, "Surprisingly Flattering." They forgot to include this cute and cheap number from Old Navy. I'm glad Lucky did the research because I was curious about how these things would look on.

"Tiered Babydoll," $16.50, or find a friend and get two for $24.


Lorilee said...

I am curious to see how these would look on, too. It seems though, after layering a tee-shirt underneath, or applying a cartigan on top-- it might be to big and bulky for me. The tank top tiered might be the only way to go. Too bad for us :(

jamieanne said...

EVERYONE was sporting these at the tennis tournament in Palm Springs last week. (Well, not everyone...but everyone under the age of 60). They looked surprisingly cute. However, I also noticed it definitely takes a certain type of body frame to look good on.

laceyJ. said...

It is cute, though... Maybe a cover-up top for a swimsuit?