Monday, March 19

weekend wrap-up: hello, spring

1. First stroll around Salt Lake Main Library (this season).
2. First evening walk(s).
3. First glimpse of blooming bulbs.
4. First need to leave the window cracked at night.
5. First opening of the balcony's sliding door on warm nights, inviting many sounds of summer inside.
6. First barbecue.
7. First Jamba Juice.
8. First temptation to wear shorts, skirts and sandals.
9. First day without a jacket or sweater.
10. First rumble of the air conditioner.


liz s said...

oh man i can't wait to have 'firsts' of spring! we're still covered under a thick blanket of ice and snow here!

jamieanne said...

Pooh. I'm still in warm coats, scarves, and wellies. No fair.

Katie said...

I had my first Jamba this weekend too! Hooray for spring!

Lorilee said...

AIR CONDITIONER?! I'm not sure if it's that warm....but everything else I check off this weekend too!

I love your little feet about to "tiptoe through tulips".

ali said...

Lor, it was like 83 degrees up here one day. That's life on the fourth floor. Good in the winter, not so good in the summer. But I wouldn't sacrifice my view of Mt. Oly. :)

laceyJ. said...

Looooove this weather. Wish it would stay... isn't is supposed to rain tomorrow?