Saturday, April 14

making me happy this week

1. Curtis getting called off one shift; more time together.

2. Max's arrival; my heart pounding.

3. Jovovich-Hawk fall collection.

4. London Cycling by Iomokev, which Andrea (who always scouts-out great photographers) re-introduced me to. I want to be Immi in that photo: wearing a bright red trench and riding a cruiser down the south bank in London with a huge smile on my face. At least that's how I imagine it.

5. Casi Casi Campers.

6. Max's laugh, which I wish I could bottle.

7. This rendition of "Thriller" that I (and my sides) can't get over. The terrible beat gets stuck in my head and brings back visuals that have me laughing throughout the day.

8. Max asleep = absolute peacefulness.

9. This site, which I never tire of, and the potential to share beloveds with the "Things We Love" section.

10. Getting two new West Elm light fixtures for $20 each. I love a good deal!

11. Making a new friend. (Thank you, Marta.)

12. Being inspired by (instead of discouraged by the prices of) these colorful babies.

13. Finally getting a dandelion clock in focus with the background not-so in focus.

14. The tradition of Friday the 13th. I better come up with a good way to spook Curtis before the evening is over.


marta said...

wishing you blissful time with max. oooh, he's so scrumptiously adorable.

I'm Andrea said...

fabulous as usual.

irene said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love your pictures and that you are the best blogger ever!...There is not one time that I have checked out your blog (through Sarah's) and found the same post!...You update it so often!..I love it!..

laceyJ. said...

#7 is amazing! And your little Max is adorable... And, your dandelion picture is beautiful. And, I could go on and on, but I'll stop... now.

Kim said...

Love those pictures of Max asleep! Thanks for sharing Ali.

jamieanne said...

I wanna cruise around and be bff with Immi too.

allison said...

those little toes and hands are the cutest thing ever. really.

ferardandy said...

teach me how to take cute pics like those!