Tuesday, April 3

wanna trade?

The lovely Miss Marta is hosting an easy-going, friendly or "mellow" swap. I'm totally into it; I get to choose a color of my choice. I love the bluish-green color of classic Bianchi bikes called "Celeste," but I wonder how I could fit a bicycle into my budget, and ship it to someone else. Maybe some milkglass items will have to do, which are similar in color and just as cute, though they don't go as fast.

See more and sign up here. What a wonderful way to bring bloggers together.

ps: I have not decided on this color (as I'm not supposed to share), but I am just thinking about how fresh and clean and slightly preppy it is.


Lorilee said...

I'm on my way to sign up. I'm excited!

marta said...

thanks for your interest & the sign-ups, ladies. excited to see the rainbow of photos that this swap will produce!

ferardandy said...

I'm going to sign up! Sounds fun. Thanks, Ali.

becky said...

great idea! i'm in!