Tuesday, May 29

nyc: paris

Olivia treated us to Paris, Je T'aime the night before we came home. Of course, it had to be viewed at the blue velvet-coated Paris, which devotes itself to foreign film. It soon became my favorite movie-watching experience since "The Science of Sleep."

The movie is made up of 18 short films about love (all kinds) in various Parisian neighborhoods, each about five minutes long. My favorite was the very last one--by Alexander Payne--about an out-of-place, semi-homesick American tourist in Paris, set in the 14E arrondissement. Other favorite storylines included mimes in love, motherly love, blind love and re-falling in love: cute, cute, cute ... and sometimes funny or quirky/borderline weird.

Trailer on YouTube.
Song by Feist. (Who else?)
List of directors/writers/cast.


Lorilee said...

Who doesn't love a good LOVE story?..let alone 18 love stories. Sounds terrific.

Les said...

I've really been looking forward to this one. Did it clarify well which director did which segment?

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the links... I am looking forward to it. Hope it comes to PDX soon.

ali said...

Yes, the neighborhood and director are provided at the beginning of each short.

I'm Andrea said...

I saw this movie too. It was absolutely wonderful. I loved every minute of it. Which was your favorite section? I really liked the one with Steve Buscemi in the metro. I also loved the one where the husbands wife is dying.

laceyJ. said...

Hadn't heard of this! I'm intrigued.