Wednesday, June 6


It's the time of year when I start hoarding lightweight cardigans. Aside from 100-degree temps (how did it get hot so fast? And then back to cold?), summer also means freezing arms thanks to the full-time blast of an air conditioner or an unexpected thunderstorm.

Cardis wallop the AC. And the rainy-day temps.

This outfit-maker from Anthropologie is only $39.95, on sale.
This colorful coverup from Anthropologie is $59.95, but was once $118.
This unusual preppy-and-crisp number from Target is $20.99.
This dainty piece from Urban is on sale for $49.99


Jessica said...

Since I only wear dresses, Cardigans have become my new best friend and although I only own them in black..I think it is time to buy from bright colors!

Dede said...

Thanks for the cute ideas, Ali. As I'm sure you know, everywhere in AZ is ultra-air conditioned, so I have to bring a sweater everywhere I go.

Tonia Conger said...

My friend Amie just bought the one from Target yesterday. It's on sale for $15. I would look great with a crisp white button down!

Lorilee said...

I tried this Anthro cardi on a couple day s cute! But didn't buy.. I guess I'll have to stick with my space heater. boo.