Friday, June 1

making me happy this week

1. Amazing brother-in-law (G) who lets me whisk away his blushing bride for ten whole days.
2. G's enthusiasm for the G3. I'm a sucker for a good "sick mix."
3. Our pool opened.
4. The amazing dancer with scoliosis on "Dance."
5. First summer barbecues: one in Utah's backyard, the other in Celeste's. (Can you say "tandoori bbq"?)
6. Discovering this goldmine of cute and affordable stuff to fill my closet with.
7. "Make Time For Yourself" and its nice caption.
8. Jer & Mallory. Just them, and also their wedding.
9. Mart, Jay and me. And Dan. We're Rockstars.
10. Sisters in town for a whole lot longer.
11. Curtis doesn't work this weekend.
12. More Flickr favorites. I love favorites. Like this one and this one.
13. Musical semi-surprise in the mail from cute Sarah. (I love it!)
14. This "if-only" hangout.
15. June. I simply like the sound of it.

{Photo by Liluna}


alyson. said...

I love your favorites. and I love your "making me happy this week". it makes me happy!

Kim said...

Great list Ali. I'm happy the pool is open too. I LOVE summer.

jamieanne said...

I love being a rockstar. It makes me feel uber-cool.

Kris said...

Jake and I went for a swim in our pool last night and our excited ambition ended up with Jake scraping his face on the bottom of the pool during our "fish swim" relay. Love your happy list...oh and love the dancer on SYTYCD too. Incredible, and I hope Shane Sparks really sets him up with that part in his new movie :)