Friday, June 22

making me happy this week


1. Writing lists about good things, obviously.
2. News that Jell-o Pudding Pops still exist. Thank you, Ash. Still need to locate in Utah.
3. Brad's journaling from Australia. I'm lucky he's my friend because he's so funny.
4. This absolutely beautiful and modern jewelry collection Alyson introduced me to.
5. These nostalgic ballerina cake toppers (found via Lane).
6. Lacey fell off the wagon and made me laugh quite heartily.
7. "Once" debuts at The Broadway today. I've been looking forward to it since Chelsea called it "perfect."
8. Having time to blog a little. Blogging is fun.
9. Little Twin Stars. And watching them glide through the sky with Curtis every night.
10. Finally a decent haircut. Allelujah. Maybe I'll even post a photo.
11. Faces and friendships that get more beautiful with time.
12. Shopping for yellow shoes.
13. Silk t-shirt dress.
14. Nicole's photos from London. Sigh.
15. This plate display.
16. Kite festivals.

{Cropped photo by Mr. Mike}


Dede said...

Great list, Ali! I know the feeling of #10, after a year, I am still trying to find someone to give me a decent haircut in AZ. Have a nice weekend!

alyson. said...

oh I just love that silk t-shirt dress from BR. a-dorable.

jamieanne said...

Lacey and Brad made me laugh so so hard! And my whole family is in London right now...without me. Boo.

Krista said...

oooh, i'm hoping Once is playing somewhere near me...I've never heard of it before, so thanks!

Brad K. said...

Glad I could help out this week.

If I wrote down what made me happy this week, making your list would be up there.

laceyJ. said...

I definitely have to agree with Brad... Glad I made you laugh!

So fun all the treasures you find. Feel so lucky you share with us!

And, I cannot wait to see your hair cut!

janae said...

I hope you post a picture of your cute hair style!!! I love your lists of things it makes me sit back and appreciate the little things in life that make such a big difference when we stop and think about them! I love you and your friendship!!!!

Annie said...

Enjoy Once! I loved it opened a bit ago here in Boston and I have been playing the music on my ipod ever since.

celeste said...

Hope you got to see "Once" this opening weekend. It was just the movie I needed right now. Did you end up finding any yellow shoes?

Sarah said...

Love your list as always. Nicole's photos from London were gorgeous!

Kathy said...

Hi Ali, your blogs are so darling! I thought it was you. I miss those days in London too!

Kim said...

All good things Ali! I love your lists.

Anonymous said...

Jello Pudding Pops are available at Walmart. Sadly-they are not as good as I remember. Still worth a sample though.

Sparrow said...

Anthropologie & their displays always make me happy - I'm glad to see they made you happy, too!!