Wednesday, June 27

merry mid-christmas to me!

1. Mrs. Dub is a talented writer/reporter in Illinois; she writes about always-interesting "hot topics" (political issues, celebrity rants, self and societal critiques) on her blog, and her thoughts are intelligent and super fun to read.

2. Mrs. Dub has really cute kids who make really cute faces.

3. Mrs. Dub has great taste.

4. Mrs. Dub happens to be my Favorite Things swap partner. I found out that we had more in common than just the writer bit, which gave the swap thing even more depth: sometimes the universe aligns quite nicely. Or Kelly just makes a great match. :)

The other day my friend CJ was saying there aren't enough gift-giving holidays in the summer months. So he invented a holiday called "Mid-Christmas." Being the lover of gifts that I am, I couldn't help but agree. The Favorite Things swap satiated my need to give and be gifted with fun, pretty and useful things at the end of June.

Here's a play-by-play of my "Mid-Christmas":

Look how fabulous my fresh and clean Pepper Pot notebooks are, and I'm totally in need since I just decided to strike out on my own (freelance-only) and I take notes on practically everything I do. My personality test tells me I'm Pacific Blue (trustworthy, dependable, loyal), part Sunflower Yellow (cheerful, warm, optimistic). How did Mrs. Dub know my colors? And how did she know I'd love notebooks that will remind me of my better qualities?

I wish you could smell the lovely vanille pomme-flavored Aroma Ring from Method. I've never heard of such a thing and am excited to give it a sniff, especially when I go from my building's sometimes-smokey-smelling hallway to my little condo: my piece of heaven.

I love H&M. I love earrings. Two pairs of adorable H&M earrings that fit in perfectly with the rest of my accessory stuffs? Yes please, Mrs. Dub.

And to top it off, a sweet Hostess treat. Um, am I the only one who didn't know about 100 Calorie Packs? Talk about a low-cal way to satisfy a sweet tooth. One pack is already gone.

Thank you Mrs. Dub! I'm in Mid-Christmas heaven. Your favorite things are my favorite things.


Sarah said...

What a great match!

Kelly said...

looks like lots of fun... i'm so glad you guys hit it off so well! that's what it's all about - making connections!

Mrs. Dub said...

dear ali,

you're welcome. i'm sure my package will be filled with even more delectable delights.

and the reason you don't know about 100-calorie packs is you're thin. only us former fat girls need such things.

how do i know this? because in doing some research on my swap buddy, i have become a devoted readers of your blogs.

yea for swaps, new friends and pretty notebooks!

mrs. dub

marta said...

ooh pretty packaging.. pretty goods.. looks like mrs. dub is just a sweetheart. enjoy!

jamieanne said...

She pegged you perfectly! Fun fun stuff. I didn't know about those 100 calorie packs either. Good idea.