Monday, July 9

7.7.07 & 7.8.07

We visited a lofty place called the Grand Hotel in Mackinac. While sauntering the grounds, I heard one passerby say that the bride presently walking up the red velvet stairs at 7 p.m. was the seventh bride she had seen do so that day. I had also seen a few other brand-newlyweds on carriage rides around the island and in small ceremonies in quaint private gardens.

The Grand Hotel was built in 1887 and has hosted such legends as Mark Twain and Jackie Kennedy. It also has the longest porch in the world, and served as the location for the cheesy but well-costumed American Film "Somewhere in Time."

Though not necessarily my style, if I was getting married on 7.7.07, this might have been the place to do so. And 7 p.m. might have been the time. Anyone who knows me knows that if it was a t 7 a.m., I probably wouldn't show up.

A neverending facade of yellow awnings, red geraniums and a Celeste blue ceiling; the lookout over the Tea Garden and onto Lake Huron--which looks an awful lot like the ocean.

The pool/sunning area; cute little balconies.

Red-striped umbrellas at the so-1920s "Jockey Club;" the Grand in all her glory.

{7.8.07: Today is the birthday of my dearest friend (who is also my sister). She is my greatest support and my biggest fan. She is loyal, tried and true. I love her a whole bunch. I love her like a sister. I wish I had her intellect, her selflessness and her ability to apply makeup perfectly. If you know (or even if you don't know) sweet-and-fun-and-smart Jamie Anne, please go wish her happy happy, even if it's a day late. I know she'll appreciate it.}


Chelsea said...

I worked at the Grand 9 summers ago, lived in the pool house, tended those geraniums on the porch every morning (while looking over the lake), and worked in the flower shop making bridal bouquets. Every summer I miss it and want to go back, now I got a little vicarious visit through your great photos. Thanks:)

ali said...

Talk about a dream summer job! Fun for you, Chelsea. Now I like those geraniums even more.

jamieanne said...

Ali, you are the B-E-S-T best best best. Thank you for the birthday wishes. xoxo.

lane said...

Cool pictures. Almost like I've been there. Almost.

Lorilee said...

Ali that hotel is amazing, it makes me want to curl my hair, put on a sundress and sunhat, and sip a pink lemonade on that never ending porch.
I'm glad you are having a good time.

LauraB said...

I've totally been to that hotel, your pics are great. I was like 12 when I went, but Mackinac is awesome. I hope you had some fudge, or fudge ice cream too.