Tuesday, July 3


Andrea's post a bit ago got me thinking about catalogs. And how I sometimes buy into things simply because of presentation and execution. Or occasionally, because the products are really pretty great. However, I can say that though I liked a few tops and a pair of shoes, I left the Uniqlo store in SoHo with only a copy of oversized Uniqlo Paper (v. 2). Check it out here.

The "catalog" is part zine, part photo essay, part essay essay, and a bit edgy, but overall, cool, with contributions from burgeoning fashion photographers and travel writers. My favorite spreads are these that magnify the lyrics of summer songs.

This excerpt is from "Silver Waves Crash Through the Canyon" by Hotel Alexis (who I had never heard of). Uniqlo Paper totally sold me on Uniqlo. Next time I go, I might not be able to leave empty-handed.

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Robin said...

I love that quote/excerpt. I will have to look more into that.