Wednesday, July 4

last night + this morning

Kink my neck while eating a cheeseburger. Go figure.
Make a run to IKEA for new desk. Fingers crossed it will be a good fit.
Watch loud and colorful July 3 fireworks from our hallway window.
View "Born into Brothels." Makes me want to adopt. And appreciate my freedom.
Sleep in late; sore neck made for unrestful night.
Make mini flags for barbecue I haven't been invited to. Maybe just for C and I.
Enjoy a red glass of Kool-Aid (actually Crystal Light) with a blue-and-white straw.
Burn my feet on our too-hot deck.

Hoping the rest of your Fourth is fun, eventful, summery and safe.


Lorilee said...

I love that photo Ali.
That Kool-Aid (Crystal Light) is the perfect color of red.

happy 4th

alyson. said...

cute cute cute flags! happy 4th to you!

whit said...

Ali you are too cute for words..Happy 4th hope you have a wonderful day.

lane said...

Happy 4th Smal! I haven't been invited to a barbecue either, if that makes you feel better. In fact, I don't even KNOW anyone with a barbecue.

becky said...

happy 4th! too cute!

laceyJ. said...

Hope you had a fun 4th! (Did you find that Ikea desk? We've been looking foreva!)

jamieanne said...

Happy 4th...just wait 'til the 24th. It's gonna be awesome, I hear they're having a celebration in honor of our arrival.

Tonia Conger said...

I think we are both in this weird transitional place in our lives where we don't get invited to BBQs with single people anymore...and we haven't yet established our married club yet. Atleast that is what I've decided about the fact that I didn't get an invitation to a BBQ. Maybe I should have hosted one; that would have solved my problem.