Friday, July 20

making me happy this week

1. I finally finished scanning in a bunch of my favorite Polaroids.
2. "Body Language" piece by the other Mandy Moore on "So You Think." Loved the costumes, the music, the choreography, the couple. (Props to Krista for the link.)
3. This take-flight story sent to me by Chelsea. (Should I be embarrassed about this balloon thing?)
4. Potted Hens and Chicks on SFGirlByBay and Forty Sixth at Grace.
5. New favorite collage artist, thanks again to Crust Station.
6. The photograph on the poster for the new adaptation of "Into the Wild." (Thank you, Les.)
7. The arrival of sweet little Miss Laila Anne Valentiner.
8. Successfully covered my corkboards with fabric (aka $12 curtains from IKEA which saved me lots of dollars.)
9. I'm off to Island Park for a long weekend vacation today: the drive is one of my favorites--the farmland is too pretty to miss, and I hope to capture some images like this. Wish me luck (especially with the Internet connection; have three big deadlines approaching!)

Happy, happy weekend to all my friends. Be back Wednesday-ish.



dede said...

First of all, your "making me happy this week" lists are one of my very favorite things about Fridays.

Secondly, I love Island Park. What a fun long weekend! Have fun.

Oh, and I too loved the "Body Language" different from what we've seen on SYTYCD.

lane said...

Love the photos! You managed to capture depth and perspective with the diving board one--which isn't that easy on a Polaroid.

Sarah said...

Love the polaroids! Have a lovely weekend break.

Krista said...

i enjoyed very much your flickr page! also, i don't know if it was the video you were looking for of "body language" but I got it for you!

Ashley A. said...

Have you seen Danny Deckchair (the movie). Crazy Brits with a balloon and movie making fetish.

"Body Language" was genius as were the cannon balls a pack of 11 year-olds were doing off that diving board this afternoon.

tiffany said...

I can't get enough of your Polaroids. Seriously, they are so cool!

maggienikole said...

that middle one makes me want to go swimming!
i love your making me happy lists.
plus, i saw my succulents photo was in there.
that makes me me smile.
thank you.

brooke romney said...

Also in love with "Body Language." Wish I was watching it with you--my husband just doesn't understand how genius some choreography is, althoug he did say it was "weirdly cool." Surprised Wade Robson was the only judge who loved it.

Lorilee said...

Body Language all the way. I was my favorite dance. I keep thinking about sweet moves, hot pink shorts and backward suspenders.
We need to watch together.

nicole hill said...

so your polaroids make me want to buy one. these are definitely your best. good job.

janae said...

Totally agree on the dance body language. Love the show!!! We need to watch it together sometime.

Rachel said...

Love your list + polaroids!

cruststation said...

Love your links, your polaroids are beautiful. You have a great eye on spotting that photograph on the poster, and I like the idea of covering corkboards with fabrics, I think I might have to do that :) Have a wonderful trip.

lauracrow said...

hope you had a nice trip! by the way...the balloon story made me happy, too:)

Kris said...

I am so happy someone you know know's where to find the body language clip and that it's on your site. With your list I can see why you had a happy week :)

allison said...

great Polaroids Ali.

We need to watch "dance" together!