Tuesday, July 31

some favorites from steve

I like to shop Steve Madden for shoes on occasion because they carry my annoyingly small size. Better, they sometimes have nice interpretations of designs I wouldn't otherwise be able to purchase. Here are three I'm liking right now, though I'm still a bit opposed to paying $109 for Steve's shoes. Of course the $109 ones are my favorite, as luck would have it!

Left to right:

The Helber
The LeJune, also cute in a dark floral pattern
The Clasical


janae said...

I love the clasical!! I always wished that I had your shoes, whether it be your pink sunday shoes in second grade, or your big chunky steel toed doc martens in our teenage years!!

Tonia Conger said...

so cute and vintage looking. Bite the bullet and get them!

Jessica said...

I don't know who knocks off better...Steve Madden or Jeffrey Campbell..they both do it so well!!

brooke romney said...

Love them all, but I'm a sucker for peep toes!