Tuesday, August 14

another day, another journal

Am a big fan of these limited-edition Mateo Ilasco journals at Beklina. Am also of big fan of Mateo Ilasco altogether and wish to be so creatively accomplished.

Love this portion of her bio as I can sorta relate since I'm a tad nostalgic, myself:

"My work expresses a penchant for old-fashioned methods, humble and experimental materials, manual design, and physical craft. Of course, up-to-the-minute technology is cool, too, but somehow I just can't resist the sound of a clickety typewriter or the scratch of a tonearm touching down on vinyl. So it should be no surprise that while many make a dash for a website with all the interactive bells and whistles, I've looked a bit backward instead. Proactive in my old school mission, I designed this website with a low-tech slant (read: I like making patterns using symbols)."


jamieanne said...

Her bio cracks me up.

Chelsea said...

I love that quote and I love her journals.