Tuesday, August 28

argininosuccinic acid 1995

This is one of my favorite art postcards. It's of Damien Hirst's "Argininosuccinic Acid 1995." I saw it once at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

An adventuress with a passion for knowledge who is fun to do just about anything with, perhaps my friend Missy (of Tangled and True fame) will remember me dragging her there. I think we strolled across Abbey Road on the way home.

A similar Hirst pattern was once applied to some saucy Manolo Blahniks. But this one's gloss household paint on canvas.


Robin said...

What a great title for a painting!

Missy said...

I remember - oh to go back there for just one day! I've saved a few postcards from our museum trips as well. Fun post Ali.

Anonymous said...
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