Thursday, August 16

rimbaud on a tee

I'm not a big T-shirt wearer but this design called Pense Pas Bete by Adrien Baptiste caught my eye. I would love to see it applied to a poster or postcard. It illustrates the writing of rebellious French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Luckily, one Threadless blogger decided to offer a bunch of translations.

I don't always agree with Rimbaud (I don't necessarily think that my death will be the best moment in my life), but here are some lines that I like, and so much prettier in French:

La vraie beauté est si particuliére qu'on ne la reconnait pas pour la beauté.
Real beauty is so special that it is not recognized as beauty.

L'art se dessine à travers le regard.
Art is created through a look (or eyes).



Lorilee said...

The best part about not having a job is being able to spend as much time as I would like catching up on your blog.
Love all your recent posts Ali.

lauracrow said...

love the t-shirt. how do you always find such cute stuff??

liz s said...

hey ali, i just saw some pictures of your desk featured in the blueprint magazine blog online!
ps are we going to be friends when jared and i move to slc?

whit said...

Ali..I love that, such great finds. You are simply adorable. When can I see you?

michelle said...

I really like the typography, so quirky