Saturday, September 15

making me happy

1. Country roads west of Logan and lighting that reminded me of Southern France.
2. C befriended a horse.
3. Kelly's lovely creations and photo styling.
4. The kids dancing in this video.
5. Finding out that I cracked the crown on my tooth, not my actual tooth. Phew; could have been painful.
6. Downtime with Lacey, Caroline, Becky, Megan and Nicole and big, twisty breadsticks.
7. Clarkston and Amalga, Utah.
8. Having Bridgett all to myself for an afternoon of shoe shopping.
9. How the southern sky looked like a Turner painting yesterday evening.
10. This bookish wallpaper. (Via Nesty.)
11. Seeing my friends again.


caroline said...

#6 made me happy this week too!!
you girls are loads of fun!
we still have to get together after our little class is over.

lane said...

I love the photo of C, the fire hydrant is so vibrant and out of place!

megan said...

love the twisty breadsticks and love the company too. It has been fun to meet you. You are such a doll. We will have to go again to dinner before photo 101 is over.

nicole hill said...

Hmm.. those breadsticks were nice!

Robin said...

1 and 7, yes. That's such a great part of the state. I think I might have to download that book wallpaper, too!

mckenzie, ryan, craig said...

I don't know you but I love your blog and your thoughts. I might kind of copy you because I have good thoughts like that too, but I would have never thought to present them like you do. It's pleasant. I love Amalga and Clarkston also. There's something about that view of the valley that is moving.

laceyJ. said...

Oh, Ali... love these lists. I love JMW Turner... thanks for the reminder!

allison said...

I too love your lists :) and you know I am a sucker for those big open skies in Logan as well! Southern France, nicely put. (although I've never been there, I can imagine it would be very pretty)

Catherine said...

I love the thought of a Turner sky, it must have been so beautiful, just like his paintings. Oh and the wallpaper! Like that too!

cruststation said...

The sky looking like a Turner painting sounds lovely, and time with good friends is always wonderful...glad you had a good week.

michelle said...

wow, that image is really beautiful. I remember when I was living in New York, I would see something like that and I would just ache to be there! Now I still feel like that, but I am so much closer!