Monday, October 1

making me happy

1. Jeremy's photos of Rilo Kiley (I like the 4th and 5th ones down the very best.)
2. Tomatoes incorporated into dinner; peaches for dessert. Thank you Farmer's Market!
3. Geico's new commercials about the kid go-cart driver. Very Tenenbaum-esque.
4. The ease and whimsy of linen leaf mobiles.
5. This green coat, which I have tried on at least three times.
6. Twelve by Twelve made its debut.
7. Ch-ch-changes.
8. Il Postino in my mailbox.
9. A pretty (if staged) yellow breakfast.
10. Seeing the leaves change color in East Canyon.
11. Lane's "Singular! Sensation!" post. So well said, sis.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.


Lorilee said...

WOAH!!! I la la love the hair. Ali, I can't believe it, I had no idea you were thinking of cutting it, let alone going blond! It's adorable. Looks like you found a great hair dresser! May I ask who?

Fancy girl..doesn't your breakfast's look like this every morning? :)

aimee heff said...

ali - Il Postino is so absolutely fantastic. I had a crush on that movie for about a year after I saw it the first time. I don't know a lot of people who have seen it so it put a smile on my face to be reminded of it.

And, your hair is super super cute. I know it was long and brown before but since I've never actually seen you in person it isn't that big of a change for me....but that being said, I think a drastic change is good for the soul. I hope it helps redefine you for a least 6 weeks!

Krista said...

Cute hair! I've kind of always wanted to go a little blonde.

Robin said...

Super cute hair! It looks good on you (would also go very well with the green coat:)

Kim said...

Ali WOW! Can't wait to see that adorable hair cut in person!

laceyJ. said...

Still love the new 'do, you!

ferardandy said...

hey ali!
i've wanted that green coat for awhile, too. i've also wanted to chop my hair, but i'm not brave enough, so good job!

Jessica said...

Lovel y post as usual. I hope you can stop by the new is open!!!!

marta said...

ali, i love it! so adorable. your face has such cute details, you can pull anything off. way to be bold.

brandon & brittany said...

cute hair!!!

dede said...

OH MY!!! ALI!!! I love the hair! You are so dang cute...with long hair AND with short and sassy hair. I wish I could see it in person. Well done.

nicole hill said...

love the breakfast! and the hair! way to be bold!

caroline said...

great hair! everyone is going short and it's so cute.. so tempting!
can't wait to see your new-do thursday!

allison said...

ali, can i come eat that breakfast??

your hair is really cute. love the blonde.

lane said...

Woah! You are babalicious with the blonde pixie! It really opens up your eyes. I love that photo of you.

The cheerios look pretty good, too.

ps. one of the benefits of the east coast is you can splurge on outerwear. You might die if you didn't.

Anonymous said...

i la la la love the hair!! what a fun looks gggreat!!!
love you

Anonymous said...

sorry, that was from me...jenny j