Friday, October 19

making me happy

01. Songs by Forever Thursday and leading lady Melanie Horsnell.
02. The colors of apples and radishes and leaves.
03. The British-meets-Brazilian sound in this video I stumbled upon.
04. "Playing Upstairs" at Yvestown.
05. I'm a London Girl. Which are you? (Thanks, Ash.)
06. The whirlind/party-like Visa Check Card commercial featuring Pee Wee's tunes.
07. This photo batch via CrustStation.
08. MaggieNikole wrote a tender post about a mouse in trouble.
09. Ashley replaced my favorite H&M shirt because mine had a rip.
10. Sorting through East Coast Fall.
11. I love this photo.
12. Handwritten notes and goodies from Marta and Natalie.

On the contrary:

01. The stack of used tissues next to my bed each morning. I hardly ever get sick.
02. I missed Pushing Daisies. Again.



alyson. said...

great pictures, as always.
looks like I belong in Paris.

happy friday! and aurivour!

Tonia Conger said...

you can get all caught up on your Pushing Daisies. They have a great player on the web with just a few commercials.

christina said...

i loved maggienikole's mouse story.
and you should really try and find the pushing daisies episodes online, that show is so fantastic. makes me feel all fuzzy + warm inside.

lola said...

i *heart* your blog!! and seems like we have something in common, i'm a london girl as well :D

laceyJ. said...

Melanie has a beautiful-old-timey voice... loved the preview.

Yep- you definitely gotta check out 'Pushing Daisies.' I don't want it to get cancelled!

love.boxes said...

I always miss TV I mean to watch and watch TV I mean to miss. Good luck wednesday! :)

Jessica said...

I am a london girl too!

100 Percent Cottam said...

i'm a nyc girl! hope you enjoy the tunes! :)

maggienikole said...