Friday, October 26

making me happy

1. Looking at Kate Spade ads with my photo buddies. The above is my favorite, naturally.
2. I'm a werewolf and my greatest ability is to "tap into nature." Which are you?
3. Tiffany always makes me smile. But this video she sent was something else altogether.
4. These Elf Huggers are cracking me up.
5. Andrea is sooo funny. (And I can so relate.)
6. I love Dulci's excerpts times ten. You must see.
7. Beautiful inspiration boards over at Snippet & Ink.
8. Chu Candy. (Sigh.)
9. Lovin' these hats, via In(side) the Loop.
10. Also lovin' these shoes, via my own semi-meaningless Internet shopping.
11. Sales are always good news, too.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend. The sun is shining, where I am, and the runny nose is losing steam. Finally.

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Marci & Daniel said...

Hello Ali, this is Marci M. (now with a C.). We worked together at Anthro, and I believe were hired about the same time. That said, I love your blog and YHO. Although I'm a NYC girl now, I love checking what's going on in good 'ol SLC. Anyway, I wanted to say that I purchased the shoes you mentioned from Lola Bella over the summer. Maybe they still have them? Good taste :)

Krista said...

that AFV video made me laugh and want to cry too. This baby thing for sure has gotten my emotions a little wacky!

brandon & brittany said...

i love this kate spade ad too! it reminds me of bubble gum. :)

tiffany said...

Awww shucks, Ali. Glad I could add to your weekly happiness, although I confess that I stole that clip directly from my friend Emily's site.

Have a great weekend!

lola said...

cute kate spade ad! and andrea chu's photos are gorgeous!! enjoy the weekend :)

ali said...

Hi Marci! So good to hear from you. I hope you are doing fantastically. I wish I had your shoes. :)

Laura said...

i love that video of the laughing babies. i've seen it like 100 times and it always makes me laugh:)

Jill said...

you're list makes me happy this week! i adore the elf huggers too. and they are not pricey... even better.

In(side) the Loop said...

So glad you found something on my blog that brings you happiness this week! Thanks for the mention, Ali. Hope you are having as beautiful weather as we are! Best,

dulci said...

Hey Ali!
Thanks for the shout-out. Your blog has made me happy for many weeks...only fair that I should repay the favor!


Anonymous said...

Good Lawwwwd, those elf hugger candleholders made me giggle. Thanks for sharing.