Tuesday, October 16

roaming london

I just watched this guy roam around London in fast-motion for two minutes and forty-four seconds and quite liked it. Maybe you will too.

Perhaps it's the Mothersbaugh that works so well.


jamieanne said...

Yes, please! I'll take London anytime. Even in fast-motion.

michelle said...

Oh yah, that is nice! I agree, music helped a lot, but great idea!

Sarah said...

This is awesome! Loved it. Thanks for sharing. Do you know what the music was?
Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to comment back to you on your comment on my mountain scenery photo. Marta posted some photos of the mountains at the same time and I thought then how similar they looked! That's what I love about NZ, I think you can see a bit of NZ everywhere. We have mountains, beaches, glaciers, rain forests. Tis good.