Thursday, October 11


sisters I have.
rooms in our condo.
years spent in high school.
mums always in my vase.
kids i want.*
basic planes: above, surfaced, beneath.
items purchased at H&M today.
crate & barrel bar stools at my counter.
bananas i rip off the bunch.
places i've called home.
romaine heads in a pack.
cars we've got.*
"real jobs" i've held.
colleges i attended.
first odd prime number.
when i most need a nap.
layers in a good cake.
a cute age.
cameras i use.
bags i carry.
times i changed my major.
years i've been married.
diamonds on grandma's anniversary band.
maximum acceptable number of chocolate chips in a cookie.
girls i've called a bff.
isn't always a crowd.
states my family live in.
days left of my vacation.*

* notes items needing addressing and/or changing.


tiff said...

As always, something fun to read! Such a great list, and I especially like the items that need changing or addressing. So funny.

Robin said...

This is cute. I love things in list format. I like the photo!

Sarah said...

Sweet. Very sweet.

laceyJ. said...

Enjoy the last 3 days! Did you know the number 3 was always my favorite number? It is. This was fun to read!

Jeremy said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on the max number of chocolate chips in a cookie.

Good list, very interesting to read!

jamieanne said...

Love the asterisks, but I must say I have to respectfully disagree with you on the last one!

ali said...

I don't really like chocolate. :( My mother is so ashamed!

Laura said...

hmmm, i changed my major three times as well:)
ps. my husband doesn't like chocolate either...

lane said...

Clever post! I loved your list. Your lists are always more genuine and telling than most lists, and I love lists. Photo was awesome, too. Yours?

P.S. have you heard the song "Three is a magic number" covered by De la Soul and Blind Melon for School House Rock? I love that song.

cruststation said...

What a fantastic list, I love that you are forever creative with your posts, thank you for sharing.

Catherine said...

Lovely list, such a great idea to do, and great to learn more about you, I agree about most needing a nap at three. I get to that stage myself : )

Anonymous said...

3. Number of times I have come back to read this particular post. Sooo cute!


judithe & francine said...

Ali! This is such a creative idea! I hope you don't mind, but I did my own for '2'. Check it out - I love your site. ;)