Tuesday, November 6

holiday swappy

I like swapping, yes I do. I like swapping, how 'bout you? So, because I want to be part of just about anything my friend Emily does, I'm joining in on her Holiday Swap fun.

Why? First, because I like to get stuff from a stranger. The mystery is intriguing. Second, because I figure I might get some real holiday shopping done while I'm at it---and since items have to be shipped by December 1, that means that real holiday shopping would be getting done way early. For me. Thirdly, I'll probably come across some great gift ideas from other swappers: things that would replace my lazy-but-convenient -when-in-a-pinch gift certificates. And fourth, because it's fun.

Here's how it works: I put together a little bundle of stuff I would want for Christmas, and ship it off to my swap partner. They do the same for me. I can only spend $30 (hello, cute stocking stuffers), and I have to sign up by November 18.

You can join in the swap too by e-mailing Emily at emilycox at gmail dot com, and get the real rules right here.



In(side) the Loop said...

I signed up, too! I can't wait. Yeahhhhh for giving great gifts.

dulci said...

I am totally doing this!! sweeet!

jo said...

hola ali,

this sounds like so much fun!!! I´m definitely signing up for it :)

michelle said...

Hmm, sounds fun, yes it does, yes it does. :)

dulci said...

does anyone know of any other swaps going on? love me some snail maiL!