Wednesday, November 7

pool hunter

I've always been a pool person. As a kid, I'd press my nose to the airplane window and try to count all the kidney-shaped pools decorating Phoenix backyards. I like to look at them as much as I like to be in them.

Cool Hunter is looking to put together a list of some of the most interesting hotel pools across the globe. Here are a few of my already-discovered favorites:

This one for its fabulously tropical appeal. Yes, please.

This one for looks. You'll probably see it in the next Wes Anderson film.

This one for its level of unexpectedness: summit a mountain to take a swim.

This one for its allover Hollywood-esque glamour.

More awesomeness over here.



jamieanne said...

I lalalalove pools so sasasoooo much. The glam factor of the Hollywood pool is totally wowza!

jo said...

i loooove pools too!!! this weekend i´m going to acapulco, yay! and i just can´t wait to be inside a pool until my hands get all wrinkly :)

lane said...

Great find! I was laughing out loud at the West Anderson comment.

Kaylen said...

that second one is so life aquatic....i think i'll go put it on now.