Thursday, November 22


Am thankful for too many things to begin a list. But naturally, husband, family, friends, life and good health top the list. And also a day off.

Other simple pleasures include dishwasher, wash machine, running water, contact lenses, clean linens, seat heaters, nice people, books, bathtubs and beauty in the everyday. (Guess I started the list, afterall.) Hoping you have a day filled with the things and people you love to enjoy.



lauracrow said...

happy thanksgiving, ali! xoxo

Catherine said...

Such a lovely list of things to be thankful for, and I did love the inclusion of the dishwasher, especially at this time of year!

Mrs. R said...

I love that color of yellow. It is so warm and perfect.

lane said...

I love that photo! I wish fall would last. Alack, alack. I am thankful for fall (and the fact that the east coast ice storm hasn't moved in yet!)