Friday, December 28


If I was headed somewhere fabulous for New Year's---like that party in "When Harry Met Sally" but 20 years later---I would be wearing this slinky sequin sheath with these shapely sequin shoes along with my favorite slim-fitting black H&M turtleneck (but this one would probably do the job, too) and lightweight black tights. Jewelry limited.

Too many sequins? I think not. When else do you get to party in those lil discoballs? I picked out a few more separates over here.

Dreamin' a little dream on my bloggity blog since I'll be at the family cabin when 2008 rolls in.



Kami said...

I love "When Harry Met Sally". I too would love to get all dressed up like that on New Years Eve! So fun!

Instead I guess I will wear my boring old jeans - bummer! :(

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooo so glam........! I could totally wear that!