Friday, December 28

making me happy

01. Christmas, of course.
02. Christmas presents, of course.
03. Christmas miracles, like C getting called off on the holiday.
04. Another holiday right around the corner.
05. Thinking about resolutions. Gearing up for stick-to-it-iveness.
06. No more gift wrapping for a while.
07. Took this design test and did surprisingly well. And learned.
08. Can't get enough of these book autopsies by Brian Dettmer.
09. Playing with new camera gadgets.
10. Love the looks of this stripey car. (No idea what it's really about.)
11. New mix from Emily, plus tips.
Current Faves:
a. The Opposite of Hallelujah: Jens Lekman
b. No One's Gonna Love You: Band of Horses
c. Panama: Casados

And happy new year to you. I've got some sledding to do for the next few days.



100 Percent Cottam said...

band of horses is a new favorite of ours, too. good stuff. somewhat shins-esque.

alyson. said...

ooo... new camera gadgets. sounds exciting.

happy new year!

Kaylen said...

jens lekman is AMAZING. i love love love that song.

happy new year!

emily said...

so glad you like the mix! and honored it made the post-- those are some of my favorites too!

michelle said...

Great song, great shoes, happy sledding! and happy new year!