Thursday, January 31

anna's little books

I am completely enamored with Anna Wolf's Little Books. Thanks for steering me in her direction, SwissMiss.



Suzanna Mars said...

You always have the cutest things on here, Miss A. To me they represent a lovely counterpoint to the razzle-dazzle we are constantly presented with on the Internet.

This blog is really like a refuge, a sanctuary, of good taste and quietude. That's my way of saying you've got a great vibe.

What the world does not need right now is hype, more hype. Thanks for being the voice of reason.

Amanda Conley said...

I agree with Suzanna. Love your blog;)

Jessica said...

the top photo is my favorite...very interesting. thanks for sharing these.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for sharing such pretty things!

One Love Photo said...

I love these book pages! Makes me want to go work in my journal right NOW! I love how simple and raw they are...perfect in an unperfect kind of way.